Organically Beautiful

Nature provides absolutely everything we could possibly need; from ailment remedies to nutrients. So it makes sense that it also provides everything we need to keep our skin supple, healthy and glowing. Walking into the Crafted Cosmetics studio, your senses are taken to another world. Inhaling the various fragrances, essential oils, and spices used to…

Paint in the Park

Adrenaline, bright paint and laughter. This is a taste of paintball in Nelspruit.

Mad about Kaapsehoop

A brief look at the history of Kaapsehoop and the hiking trails. We spent a day up in the mountains.

Why we love Nelspruit

Nelspruit is one of South Africa’s most underrated towns. But there is more to our home than meets the eye!

Restless fingers, beautiful art

We talk to a Nelspruit artist about the various, and we mean abundantly various, crafts that she makes in her spare time.