Book shopping the local way

Is there a book shop that could not tempt me? Probably not. Truly, if there is one place that I cannot help but explore, it’s a book shop. Or a book shack, or a book stall…

You never know what you might find beneath the piles of literary pieces, some of which have left readers with happy memories while others are brand new, straight off of the publishing press. As Nelspruit continues to grow by leaps and bounds, more book shops and stalls at markets and other places seem to be springing up, you need to know where to look.

The Nelspruit Book Exchange

The underground parking at the new PicknPay shopping centre is where you will find the pop-up book stall on aSaturday morning.
The underground parking at the new PicknPay shopping centre is where you will find the pop up book stall on a Saturday morning.

Recently I was paging through the Lowvelder and saw a section in the Markets and Events page announcing that there would be a book stall every Friday afternoon and Saturday morning at the PicknPay centre in town. Those who run the stall actually chose a rather ideal place to sell second-hand books; beneath the upper parking area. It’s cool enough in summer and sheltered from the winter cold. But it doesn’t get a lot of great exposure from the road, what with it being half hidden away.

Honestly, it would be difficult to miss the three signs (see the image above), but you would be missing out on a bargain if you are a book lover. These books are impressively priced and they are in a great condition. While there is the staple Mills and Boon box, there is also a collection of crime thrillers, classics and, well, any other genre you could want. When I came across a paperback all about the Lowveld and its pioneers for R30 I just had to have it. It’s always difficult to find local historical books (fairly priced) in mainstream book shops, so when you do come across something like that it’s best to buy it.

The Nelspruit Book Exchange is a family run business and while they also have a place in town where you can take your old books (4 Aling Crescent), it is their pop up stall that I personally feel makes them stand out.

The Nelspruit Book Traders

They have been around for a while, and their shop is chock-a-block with books, some seemingly new in circulation. The location of Nelspruit Book Traders, in the Sonpark area, makes it a place you don’t mind going to. You will be avoiding the crowds at the malls, and if offers a peaceful setting in which to take your time to browse through their extensive collection.

Their books are also very well priced, while they also keep a pricier selection where you will find the latest novels. This shop also has an exchange service, so if you have a bunch of books cluttering your home and you know you are never going to read them again, why not sell them?

I love the idea of book exchanges, the idea of sharing something you’ve loved. It’s like giving someone else the opportunity to fall in love with the literature that has once captured your attention. I sound like I’m fawning over books, I can’t help it! Everyone should read something more than an article and if you are looking at keeping to a budget, then buy second-hand books and support our local book dealers!

Do you know of a place to buy second-hand books in the Lowveld? Leave us a comment and let everyone know where they can indulge in a book browse.



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