Support local this Christmas

Today is the day before the day before Christmas. It’s Christmas eve eve! And if you are anything of a procrastinator, like me, you might have some last minute shopping to do. The malls are jam-packed and it is too late to buy online, but if you are going to be zipping into town tomorrow, there are a few places you can visit to buy that something special.

Christmas is a time to show gratitude towards those we love and to sit back and appreciate those blessings that each of us have, no matter how big or how small.  And it is important to remember that it’s not the size of the gift that counts because after all, you are not buying love and affection. Giving something small, something special, is usually the best idea, but where to begin when you are in a hurry and hunting for a gift that carries some value?

Why not start by supporting local?

At Christmas, giving expensive gifts is a prerogative, and in my opinion, it should certainly not be the norm. It is the idea of giving and receiving that is important, not the size or the price of the gift. And since 2016 has been a bit of a tough year for most, buying smaller gifts might be what you are considering this year.

I read a very interesting quote the other day, “Christmas is optional”, and it was a great reminder that the commercial side of Christmas is completely optional.

Stress and the festive season should not go hand in hand, and also, Christmas should really not be about the amount of money that you spend.


So in the spirit of the season and in the spirit of showing support for those small businesses in our community, here are two companies you can buy beautiful gifts from on the last day before Christmas!

Crafted Cosmetics

Regulars at most markets, and with products sold in the Mopani Pharmacies, The Reserve Restaurant, Skintopia and at the Earth Wise Eco Store at Ilanga Mall, Crafted Cosmetics is building up an exciting reputation for providing soothing beauty products. Soaps, lip balms, body creams and candles, their range of products awaken the senses. Beautiful packaging along with wholesome natural ingredients make their products beautiful to look at and lovely to use.

Creative Copper

All year round, the ladies and gentlemen that make up the dynamic team at Creative Copper bring dreams to life with the metals that they twist, turn and mould into unique jewellery. If you haven’t ordered anything yet, don’t worry, you can buy their bangles, necklaces and earrings from The Market at Riverside Mall. Their jewellery will definitely make an impact as that special gift and you will be supporting this growing local business.

Just a bit of side information, Creative Copper is open between 9 am and 3 pm on weekdays in Rocky Drift and if you make prior arrangements, you can enjoy a tour of their bustling factory studio.


Or why not throw convention out into the heat and humidity?

Christmas is a charitable time of the year and it is always a good idea to think about giving to your favourite charity instead of splurging on expensive gifts. Nelspruit is full of great charities in need of support and giving to such important causes can be better than giving presents.

It is a beautiful time of the year, the time when magic, happiness and all sorts of good things are in the air. And personally, I feel like Christmas usually has heaps of stress loaded onto it, unnecessarily so. So keep it simple, and relaxed, this Christmas by shopping for quality local products instead of mindlessly walking the malls until your feet hurt and your temper is spoiled!