Our inspiration, our home, our people

I love the Lowveld. I was born here, raised here and developed my love for writing here. People are fascinating, and in the Lowveld, there is some serious talent but it’s not always talked about. While I already write for a living, as a copywriter (writing web content, adverts, press release, and articles), Lowveld Collective is my side passion project.

The Lowveld is a small area in the northeastern corner of South Africa which has become a bustling hub of potential. Small businesses in Nelspruit and the rest of the Lowveld consist of both young and old entrepreneurs who are finding success in tough times through hard work, dedication and an unshakeable passion. With jobs being scarce, entrepreneurs are finding new avenues to introduce their business to the public and create an independent income for themselves and eventually others.  Young entrepreneurs are the future and in Nelspruit, known officially as Mbombela, men and women entrepreneurs are using their entrepreneur ideas to turn small dreams into small businesses which are growing to become big competition in the Maputo Corridor.

Small businesses in Nelspruit: Flourishing artistic talent

Just a few short years ago Nelspruit (Mbombela) was another small town in a mostly agricultural and rural province. When most Lowvelders left school they looked to the cities to see their dreams made into reality. Today Nelspruit has shaken the shackles of the small-town frame of mind and capacity for potential, and young entrepreneurs are not so readily taking to the major cities. Instead, they are sprouting their wings in their own backyard and in doing so they are soaring. Even those who do leave this country town for the bright lights and loud living in the cities eventually find their way home.

Our town is situated in the ideal place for small businesses in Nelspruit, think of it as the middle man stop off between South Africa’s business haven, Johannesburg, and Mozambique’s biggest port paradise, Maputo. With so much traffic moving between the cities, and most times passing through Nelspruit, this small town is bound for greatness. And it isn’t just the moving traffic that is bringing the entrepreneur ideas for small Nelspruit businesses alive. The fondness that Mozambican nationals have for Nelspruit is on the rise with no sign of stopping, and regular shopping trips are a popular past time as well as a necessity.

Young entrepreneurs need encouragement and support, the hard, talented work that they are doing is proof enough that their skills are needed. At Lowveld Collective we cover the stories, ideas, talents, and operations of small businesses in Nelspruit, as well as the artists, and the Lowveld. We salute the young entrepreneurs who are bravely setting aside convention and taking the other path, and whose venture into this new territory is making all the difference.

South Africa: The map pin points out the Lowveld.
South Africa: The map pinpoints out the Lowveld.