Organically Beautiful

Nature provides absolutely everything we could possibly need; from ailment remedies to nutrients. So it makes sense that it also provides everything we need to keep our skin supple, healthy and glowing.

Walking into the Crafted Cosmetics studio, your senses are taken to another world. Inhaling the various fragrances, essential oils, and spices used to produce their unique, natural beauty range gives you more than a small indication of what you can expect from their products. Turmeric and African Ginger, two of their preferred ingredients, are grown locally on the farm on which they operate. A quick glance around the garden and you can pick out where the plants have grown before being harvested and whisked away to be dried and turned to powder.

From the emulsifying of the oils to blending the crèmes, keeping things local is part of the mantra of Crafted Cosmetics.

A company that started in the kitchen has now been expanded to a cosy Alkmaar based studio. Everything is done on site. While it might be a small operation, each product is handmade and carefully packaged. Crafted Cosmetics is inspired by nature as well as by traditions which run in Wendy’s family. It wasn’t intended to become a company, but after the success of a pop-up market at Rosemary Cottage, the products grew in popularity.

Wendy, who is the founder, is the person to talk to when you want to learn about new products; with her background in herbalism, new recipes are her forte. Megan is the Marketing guru who also plays a big role in the refinement of the production process. Lisa is the creative mind behind the branding of the products and is responsible for the design of labels, logos and brochures. Kea, the recently employed hands on member, is there to help with the manufacturing process and packaging.

Megan is ardent when it comes to animals and she is keen to inform people about the cruelty that many don’t know is still a part of the cosmetic industry. Crafted Cosmetics is completely against animal testing. They stringently test all of their new products on themselves, leaving you 100% certain that each product is safe to use.

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