GoatnHare: For those about to rock…

“For me there is something primitively soothing about this music, and it went straight to my nervous system, making me feel ten feet tall.”
― Eric Clapton

A throaty voice and soulful music are creeping slowly up the walls of The Pub, creating an inviting warm atmosphere, filled with energy. GoatnHare is in the middle of a 4 hour set in one of Nelspruit’s favourite haunts. They are a former rustic folk band which evolved into a blues band with a rocking twist, and they certainly bring something different to the usual Nelspruit music scene.

Cold Friday nights are not reserved for warm beds when this band is performing. The community is out in force to hear their tunes and soon the cold is forgotten (a drink to take off the chill doesn’t hurt either). This undeniably talented group of musicians is responsible for the tremendous revival of old school music, with their style getting the bodies of the young and old alike moving.  Their genuine skill and passion for music and performance keeps everyone mesmerized, even conversations in the audience take a backseat.

As like many of those living in Nelspruit, in search for something different, I love to come across people who live outside of the norm, people who break the rules naturally and are completely at ease with being different. And nothing about GoatnHare is conventional. From their chilled onstage personas to their welcoming offstage personalities, they are the kind of band you’d happily become an avid fan of. We are in need of people like them, to shake things up and return the spark to our community.

GoatnHare: reviving real good tunes

I first had the pleasure of listening to this band when they were still emerging. They took the stage one summer’s night at Die Stoep. The audience was instantly theirs; swaying to the melody and rocking hard to the beat. The moment Mize’s soothing, but stirring voice erupted from the microphone to the background of serious instrumental talent, Nelspruit’s music scene would be forever changed. She has a commanding presence, with a voice from another era.

But unlike most bands, where the talent and the personality of the singer takes all attention, GoatnHare have that unique ability to showcase the talent of each member. Guitarists Sunny and Freddy are refreshing; they embody those guitarists of years past. Mongesi plays the most incredible bass. Relaxed and composed, he is a natural on stage and his music is not drowned out, as bass can often be. Finally, Dylan on the drums, delivers an astonishing set of beats, rounding off the bands exceptionally unique sound.

Playing regularly in Nelspruit, you can catch up with them at some of the town’s most frequented live music venues. With a mixture of popular classics and their own songs which are truly loved by their fans. GoatnHare’s musical journey is far from any kind of end, they are just getting started…

Support local talent by liking the official GoatnHare Facebook page where you can keep up with them and find out where they will be performing next.

Get in touch!

Listen to their music here: https://soundcloud.com/goatnhare/gnh-manifesto

Find out where they are performing next, and what they are up to here:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoatnHare/?fref=ts
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goatnhare_official/

See more images from their recent performance here: http://lowvelder.co.za/341141/goat-n-hare-treat-fans-to-a-night-of-hard-rock/#.V2_Z3qquD9k.facebook


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