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The term art can be applied to many methods of expression, and the Lowveld has plenty of art to offer. Many of the Lowveld’s most successful entrepreneurs are some of South Africa’s finest Artists. Lowveld Collective is committed to telling the stories of the Artists with a passion for the work that they create and who are today the minds behind many small businesses in Nelspruit.

Jewellers, Writers, Painters, Photographers, and Performers; these are the people who inject life and culture into our communities and are celebrated for the work that they do. Through creative expression, they are able to turn the mundane into something extraordinary. Their art is the result of a dedication to transform their rough, raw natural talent and passion into a fine skill. They have dedicated their lives to creating meaningful art that is able to stir things within us that we didn’t know existed.

Welded copper table made by a local artist
Welded copper table made by a local artist

Follow us on an enlightening journey into the world of art in the Lowveld as we tell the stories of the young entrepreneurs who are using their entrepreneur ideas to stake their place in this corner of South Africa and beyond.

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