Keeping busy in a Lowveld January

Welcome to a brand new year! Are you ready to have some fun in 2017? This year is a new beginning, firstly because it is a new year after all, and secondly, because there are going to be plenty of new things to do, new faces to meet and new adventures to be had!

But first, we have to get through our old foe: January!

After the relaxation, and the spending over the holidays, it’s not only tough to get back into work mode but for some, it is also a financially tight month. But there might come a time in the last weeks of the month that you finally need to get out of the house, even though your bank might look a little bleak in the run up to pay day.

There never seems to be enough going on in the first month of the year, compared to the excitement of December. As this is the first working month of the year, you need a little relaxation and a slower pace to coax you back into that working mind frame. These first 3 weeks have flown by uneventfully fast, and we still have a week and a half to go.

So what can you get up to this month that won’t hurt your fragile bank balance?

Hoot n Anny at Kuzuri

Hoot ‘n Anny‘s music is an experience, according to Kuzuri’s Facebook page. The band, consisting of Franco & Alouise Jamneck, take guests on a journey of discovery through their music, stirring up strong emotions of all kinds.

According to the event posted on the Kuzuri Facebook page, “Franco has played for a few successful bands, such as Soil 7t7 and The Fake Leather Blues Band. Franco has been in the industry for more than 12 years and he is well-known for his sound engineering capabilities. He also does a lot of session work in all genres.

Alouise Jamneck only recently discovered her musical talent, having studied Graphic Design at Open Window before going into business for a few years. Her unique voice mesmerized not only her husband, but the likes of Karen Zoid and Arno Carstens, with whom the duo have done cameo performances. Lately, she’s been Franco’s right-hand girl in his events coordinating and sound engineering business.”

Don’t forget that you can also stroll around and support the home-grown community market at Kuzuri on the same day, that is the 28th of January, comfortably after pay day.

Open Mic Night at Stoep

Just about every Wednesday, the Stoep plays host to incredible local talent with their Open Mic Night. This relaxed vibe is just perfect for some mid-week musical inspiration and relaxation. Entrance is free and you will be entertained by the likes of Flash Parade, Monkey Queen, GoatnHare, Mr. Brightside and many more up and comers. Keep in mind that the contact details on the image below are old and if you want to find out more, or if you’d like to perform, it is best to contact Stoep directly.

The Halls Parkrun and the White River Parkrun

Completely free, and good for both your body and your soul, if staying fit and being outdoors is on your list of things to do this year, the Parkrun is absolutely for you. It’s 5km of rugged but easy to navigate outdoor terrain and the best part is that you don’t have to actually be a runner to participate. Every Saturday morning, running and walking enthusiasts meet up at around 8 am in winter and 7 am in summer and set off at their own pace. Starting the weekends off on a heart pumping high, you can bring your family along for this weekly outdoor experience. The run is timed, but this is

The run is timed, but this is purely to help you beat your own best record by seeing the progress that you have made on the road to fitness.

And if all else fails…take a drive

We are living in a most beautiful part of the world and this can often be forgotten in the daily grind. But drive in any direction out of town and take a look at the landscape, and you will release what a beautiful world we live in. And the fresh air is going to do amazing things for your mind. Hiking in Kaapsehoop, past the outcrops of ancient rock towards the edge or through the winding forests is free. There is no better way to free your mind of the shackles than getting back in touch with yourself and inhaling that clean air!

Hiking in Kaapsehoop, past the outcrops of ancient rock towards the edge or through the winding forests is free. There is no better way to free your mind of the shackles than getting back in touch with yourself and inhaling that clean air! Packing a picnic and heading to a nearby park as the sun sets is also a great affordable way to make the most of the last of the summer months.

Relaxing to the soothing sounds of cicadas as the sun goes down on another beautiful day in Africa is sure to leave a smile on your face and content in your heart.

Feature image courtesy of Tyron Mc Donald, a local photographer with a keen eye and a love for nature. You can view more of his incredible work here:



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