Why we love Nelspruit

When you live in Africa, your heart will always have its home here. And some say that when you live in Nelspruit, no matter how far you move away, one day your heart will find its way back.

Nelspruit has that special pull for us all. And when you take the time to look around, it is really not difficult to see why. Here is a look at some of the very best reasons why the Lowveld, and Nelspruit in particular, continues to have a place in our hearts and minds.


No matter where you are in the town, the view is immensely beautiful. We are actually incredibly spoiled when you think about it; other towns must be envious of the free sights that we often take for granted. Can you imagine waking up in the morning and not being able to see the surrounding green (and lately brown) mountains?


Some might say that the people of Nelspruit are not always the friendliest. I guess that depends on who you talk to and who you encounter. But you cannot deny that we do have some infectiously passionate, creative and humourous people among us once we drop our guards and get to know each other. Nelspruit’s people can be hard to crack, but once through the tough exterior, we are a bunch of people who are pretty darn unique, and often filled with stories.

Pictures taken in Nelspruit can often be mistaken for a tropical beach. We are all familiar with the swaying palm trees and the gorgeous sunsets, especially when the days are hot and the humidity is at its peak. No wonder then that a favourite summer pastime for many is an ice cold drink at their favourite haunts, with a late sunset being the signal to end the day on a relaxing high.

In many of the hidden corners of our town, you can find your own version of paradise. Relaxing in the cooling waters of a pool with a breeze in the air and a view of the mountains; it’s the perfect holiday.

We have that added bonus of not being a massive city . This means that we have some of the most stunning nature and wildlife just a few short kilometres away. And our heavens glitter with stars even when you are in town while the further you drive out of town the more of the African night sky is on display. Sure, we have light pollution but it is not so much that it blots out the beautiful show that we can view for free every night.

And then there is our music. Guys, the talent that we have in this town is immense. And the lords and ladies in our bands have that authentic, down to earth but badass attitude to complement their tunes. Yes, Nelspruit is not just about our stunning landscape; its about the people, the music, the vibe and the heavy undercurrents of an incredible variety of cultures.

Don’t forget about our hangout spots. Nelspruit has numerous great places to hang out with friends and simply relax. Die Stoep, The Pub and The Jock are favourites among the locals, with all offering a most welcoming vibe. Each watering hole is as well known for their drinks as they are for their mouth watering yet affordable meals. They are also great places to go if you are looking for live music.

With all of the scenery and the incredible climate, you don’t have to travel far to find fun things to do in the great outdoors. The Halls Parkrun is a free place for runners, walkers and people of all levels of fitness to get together on a Saturday morning and start the weekend off on a healthy high note. The run takes people through the beautiful Mataffin area, past stunning trees and streams. And anyone can sign up online!

While Nelspruit itself is a great place, we are equally attached to the surrounding towns. Drive in any direction outside of Nelspruit and you will be captivated by the views.

Take a moment and think about it; we have the winding roads up into the mountains where the sleeping village of Kaapsehoop holds a certain magical charm as it nestles quietly among the rocks; you can take the twisting road to Barberton and suddenly be introduced to the ancient De Kaap Valley and an eye full of the boarding mountains on the horizon as the land flattens while the town itself is a historical treasure trove; a drive to White River will fill your sight with stunning trees with the distinguishable scent filling your senses; a short ride in the direction of Johannesburg gives you more mountains with  their accompanying cool air while heading towards Mozambique means hill upon hill with interesting things to see and small towns to visit.

It is the simple things in life that we should appreciate. Something as simple as waking up to the views of our gorgeous landscape, filling our days socialising with great people in interesting places, tucking into a delicious meal, and jamming to local music, can often be enough to ground us and remind us of why we live here. There is something special about Nelspruit, you just have to go out there and find it!




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